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Air Classics May 2018

On The COver

John Maloney displays the Planes of Fame Air Museum’s Seversky/Republic AT-12 Guardsman — the world’s last flying example. Photography by Doug Fisher


    Unfortunately, nearly forgotten by modern society, Ed Dyess and the men of the Bataan Air Force made a heroic stand against an enemy that could not be stopped / by S. Samuel Boghosian
    For Boeing, the B.377 Stratocruiser was a financial disaster. For the airlines that ordered the double-deck luxury airliner and the passengers that flew aboard the craft, the B.377’s safety record would also prove to be disastrous / by Nicholas Veronico
    Today, the Planes of Fame Air Museum keeps the last Seversky/Republic AT-12 flying. What is the story behind this unique survivor? / by Michael O’Leary
    After decades of forgotten storage, an intriguing craft from the late 1930s has emerged and will be the subject of an airworthy restoration / by Michael O’Leary
    How Doug Scroggins is single-handedly trying to save two of the last Convair jetliners — aircraft that are still the fastest non-supersonic airliners
    Saving the Last Convair Jetliners
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