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March 2018

On The COver

Rudy Arnold visited Floyd Bennett Field during 1939 to record US Coast Guard activities where he photographed this Grumman JF-2 Duck assigned to the USCG unit at the field. Rudy had obtained a supply of the new Kodachrome color film so he was able to record his visit in glorious color. The original Kodachrome had a film speed of just 10 (later 12) so it was very difficult to shoot moving objects since the shutter speed had to be accordingly slow. However, Rudy did a magnificent job. (Rudy Arnold/National Archives)


    Ill-conceived and poorly built, the Brewster SB2A Buccaneer/Bermuda dive-bomber probably can claim the title of the worst American aircraft of WWII / by Jim Williams
    When the US Coast Guard purchased the Grumman JF-2 Duck, they finally had an aircraft that could accommodate their rugged search, rescue, and patrol missions / by Marshall Wainwright
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    Convair attempted to bring the B-36 Peacemaker into the jet age by adding a swept wing and tail along with turbojet power to create the YB-60 / by Howard Carter
    Part Four of our book-length history highlights the 1926 through 1928 races / by Peter M. Bowers
    All the latest vintage and veteran aircraft news from around the world along with a feature on how Convairs were recently used to fly relief supplies to Puerto Rico
    Evergreen's Big Banana
    Whidbey Island Catalina
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