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Air Classics  June 2016

On The COver

Crewmen perform maintenance on OA-104 Sophisticat at its Halesworth base in England during WWII.
(Photgraphy from the National Archives)


  • An Instructor's Life
    After getting his wings, the author was immediately posted as an instructor
  • Last Flight
    The very first 727 has made its last flight to the Museum of Flight
  • SkyFair Time
    Flying Heritage Collection is ready to host the third annual SkyFair 
  • Pushing The Envelope
    Gen Douglas MacArthur's C-121 Constellation was flown to Chino for a complete rebuild
  • Ike's Connie 
    Lockheed VC-121A Columbine flies again
  • Hooked On Aviation
    The USN/USMC/Air Corps movies from between the wars that were shown on 1950's television
  • Table of Contents
    This month's Table of Contents