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Air Classics  August 2016

On The COver

The CAF's Southern California Wing Restores Rare PBJ-1J Mitchell


  • An Instructor's Life
    The author recieves a new posting and begins to go through a series of advanced training aircraft...
    The story of Darryl Greenamyer, his Bearcat, and how the pair put air racing back on the map...
    Aftrer nearly a quarter-century of restoration work, the Commemorative Air Force's Southern California wing has returned a rare PBJ-1J to the sky.
  • Boneyard Reunion
    The author reuniteswith an ex-navy Convair flown by his father and explains how the aircraft will once again take to the air...
  • Hooked on Aviation
    Examining two influential immediate pre-WWII United States Naval Aviation Films (Part 7) ...
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